We have achieved extensive experience from both domestic and international projects for over 30 years

About W. Giertsen Tunnel AS

W. Giertsen Tunnel is a construction company operating in water proofing of tunnels and rock cavern. Our solution the Tunnel Sealing  has been developed and installed in Norway over the last 30 years and have over the last years been installed in several countries around the world.

Our company is specialized not only in water proofing solution, but also can carry out installation of other water- and frost system in road/railroad tunnels. We deliver self-developed solutions to a high grade of quality and to the costumers fully satisfaction.

About W. Giertsen Tunnel AS

The Tunnel Sealing is developed as a complete solution for waterproofing of tunnels and rock caverns with a wide range of use. The Tunnel sealing is used in various areas as rock caverns, power plants, purification plants, parking facilities, sports facilities, shafts and military installations. WGT has extensive and modern machinery equipment and is in front regarding development and utilisation of new technology.

Our employees and managers possess broad competence and experience. The company’s managers are given a lot of freedom and we cultivate an organisation with short decision lines.

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W. Giertsen Tunnel specialize in waterproofing of tunnels and rock caverns


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