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Environmental facts

Co2 equivalent

Unit used in greenhouse gas accounting

Emissions of a given greenhouse gas measured in CO2 equivalents are an expression of how much CO2 is needed to provide corresponding heating


Global Warming Potential

An expression of how strong the climate gas is. GWP for CO2 is by definition equal to 1. Methane has GWP of 25 and nitrous oxide has 298


Environmental Product Declaration.

International Standard for Environmental Declarations

It summarizes the environmental profile of a component, finished product or service in a standardized and objective manner.

W. Giertsen Tunnel sealding EPD

Environmental declaration

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a concise third-party verified and recorded document with transparent and comparable information on the environmental performance of products throughout the life cycle. Both the underlying LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) and EPD are always based on international standards. The EPD has been prepared for WG Tunnel sealing by Sintef Building Research - and covers LCA module phases A1-C4Declaration standard: CEN Standard EN 15804

Sammenligning GWP

WG Tunnel sealing GWP compared to other products / solutions for water and frost protection

Good working conditions - light and dry environment (HSE)
Good operating conditions
Optimum service life for technical equipment
Reduced Life Cycle Cost
Greater flexibility and value in use of the storage room

Approvals and tests

Reduced CO2 emissions when using WG tunnel sealing

In the example, we compare WG Tunnel sealing with full concrete casting in terms of C02 equivalents.

The comparison is made for an area of 100,000 m2 - which corresponds to one of our projects delivered in Norway.

To illustrate the environmental impact of choosing WG Tunnel sealing, we use emissions figures for passenger car traffic in Norway 2019

Average emissions of passenger cars (figures from April 2019) are 67 g/km

Average annual mileage of passenger cars is set at 15 000km

The difference in C02 emissions WG Tunnel sealing VS full casting is approximately 12 700 000 kg C02 equivalents for 100,000 m2 - in favor of WG Tunnel sealing

12 700 kg C02 equivalents corresponds to the total C02 emissions from about 12,600 passenger cars - for 1 year!


Saved CO2 emissions for passenger cars for one year

Ca 12600 cars

(15,000 km average mileage)

Difference Tunnel cloth VS full casting

Ca 12700 T C02

(per 100 000 m2)

Approvals and tests

W. Giertsen Tunnel specialize in waterproofing of tunnels and rock caverns


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