WG Tunnel sealing

WGT's solutions are used in wastewater treatment plants, hydropower plants, military plants, parking facilities, archives and other mountain halls and tunnels.

A long service life and low maintenance

Independent tests and long operational experience confirm the fabric's properties. It does not rot, rust or degenerate over time.

Low weight and high breaking strength

Our tunnel sealing is made out of a flexible, lightweight and dynamic fabric. It has high mechanical resistance and in case of damage it is easy and time efficient to repair.

Non-smoking and self-extinguishing

WGT has classification: B-s2.d0

Independent tests and operational experience are very good fire-fighting properties.

Dense and insulating

WGT insulates and protects against air, odor, moisture and cold. Documented properties according to radon gas resistance, chemicals, etc.

Secures your values

Tunnel sealing ensures light, dry working conditions for personnel (HSE). It also creates optimal conditions for controlling temperature and humidity.

The framework for the installation of technical equipment creates protection for, and good conditions for, operating conditions for technical equipment.

The green choise

W. Giertsen Tunnel sealing is manufactured in Norway. With  approved raw materials completely free of substances on the SFT's obsolete list, this makes for a very low environmental footprint.
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W. Giertsen Tunnel specialize in waterproofing of tunnels and rock caverns


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