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W. Giertsen has accumulated extensive experience and high expertise from water and frost protection all over the world, within a wide range of solutions and applications. Always focusing on solid, flexible and easy-to-use solutions with long life and low maintenance costs. The following site describes a number of applications for our solutions in rock caverns and tunnel or/and transport, where we also have operational experience.


Technical rooms
Access / escape tunnels
Parking facilities
Cable & pipe tunnels
Data storage
Telecom. systems

Power plants
Oil and gas storage
Storing ammunition
Storing explosives
Oil and gas storage
Lawing of nuclear waste

Sewage and drinking water systems
Military technical facilities
Military hospitals
Civil Defense Construction
Sports facilities
Swimming pools
Cold storage for food

Tunnel and transport

Tunnel vault
Technical rooms

‍Access / Escape Tunnels
Cable Tunnels

Portals - inside and outside Membranes


Tasks & Challenges


Waterproofing, drainage and frost protection


Optimal working conditions for personnel - HSE


Framework for installation of technical equipment


Ventilation, temperature and humidity control


Protection and optimum operating conditions for technical equipment


Light, acoustics and information

To avoid and reduce:

Fungus / algae growth and decay
Deterioration, injury
Down time on technical equipment
Poor / unhealthy working conditions
Injury to personnel

To achieve:

Good working conditions - bright, dry environment: HSE
Good operating conditions
Optimal service life for technical equipment
Reduced Life Cycle Cost
More flexibility and value for use in the storage room

Assessments in a lifecycle perspective

Installation phase
Installation cost
Risks and hazards
Working environment
Operational conditions for personnel and equipment
Emissions - dust, gases
Flexibility and adaptability
Environmental footprint

Operating phase
Working costs
Humid control
Temperature control
Energy consumption
Working environment and operational conditions for personnel and equipment
Emissions - dust, gasesFrequency, cost and complexity of maintenance and rehabilitation
Flexibility and adaptability
Environmental footprint

We can help solve your water and frost protection needs. With solid, maintenance-friendly and long lasting solutions.

W. Giertsen Tunnel specialize in waterproofing of tunnels and rock caverns


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