W. Giertsen WGT-100 Tunnel vault

Product facts

WGT-100 Tunnel vault

The system consists of reinforced cloth and steel arches which together absorb applied forces from traffic and flow. WGT-100 is a waterproofing solution that provides a tunnel vault free of water penetration and drip.

The cloth is self extinguishing in case of fire and cannot be ignited. It complies with ISO 9705 - tunnel classes A and B in accordance with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's fire-technical requirements in manual N500 Table 4.4.

The tunnel vault WGT-100 was introduced on the market in 1990 and has since been installed in over 70 tunnels, 17 of which are submarine. Among other things, the system is installed in the Eiksundt tunnel, also known as the world's deepest subsea road tunnel (287 meter under the ocean).

The WGT-100 is also delivered and installed in the tunnels of the Bybanen in Bergen. The system ensures low maintenance and operating costs. We have effective routines for repairing any damage, ensuring short downtime on plants.

Key features of WGT-100 Tunnel Vault:

Complete light vault solution for road and rail tunnels.

Low maintenance and operating costs.‍

Efficient repair routines to ensure a short service life on systems.‍

Self extinguishing cloth that does not ignite.‍

Life expectancy in tunnel of 50 years.

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